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30 01 2010

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Partition Wizard Business Edition 4.0

28 07 2009

A free partition manager for Business users. 

Partition Wizard Business Edition is a pretty neat tool for anyone but particularly for an IT worker like myself. For the longest time I have been using my employers licensed and/or ‘liberated’ copies of Partition Magic which has generally served its purpose well except when you have forgot your CD wallet of flash drive with your handy apps on them! Since Partition Wizard is free you can just download it from any major open source / free license software vendor (link supplied below). Business users, system administrators or just Joe Blogs can use Partition Wizard to Resize and Move partition, Copy Partition, Copy Disk, Create, Delete and Format partition, Convert and Explore partition, Hide and Unhide partition and much more.

NOTE: One time registration is required.

Here are some key features of “Partition Wizard Business Edition”:

· Resize/Move partition : Easily resize/move partition without data loss.
· Create, format, delete partition.
· Convert partition format from FAT to NTFS.
· Hide and Unhide partitions, set active partition, label drive letter.


· x86 or x64 compatible CPU with min frequency 500MHz
· capacity of RAM memory above 256MB




More Stuff in the Cloud with Ghost OS!

15 07 2009

I was looking through the web and stumbled across this new “cloud” based operating system called Ghost. Ghost Includes a growing list of leading free Web software apps & services 
Communications apps : Meebo multi-protocol instant messenger 
Entertainment apps: MP3 player, Internet radios Last.fm & Pandora 
Office suite (for G.ho.st® Drive files): Zoho and ThinkFree 
External office suites (with their own storage): Google Docs 
Photo editing: Snipshot 
Search external data sources; drag-and-drop “Things” to your desktop from:  
  Yahoo! Shopping 
Games: from Miniclip and many more 
Widgets: RSS news reader, Clock, Weather, Calculator, MP3 player, and more 
Add your own: Add your own app using a URL in Tagged Things/New/Web Apps

Ghost offers every person in the world a free Virtual Computer with 15GB’s of data! (get an extra 10GB from standard 5GB when you use the promotion code “launch.”). “Ghost”, an acronym of Global hosted operating system (written G.ho.st with two dots because a URL must have dots!). The G.ho.st Virtual Computer includes almost everything you would have in a physical computer – a desktop, file storage and applications.

But unlike a physical computer, your Virtual Computer is “hosted” in a professional data center by Amazon.com in the Internet “cloud” and is accessible as a web page in any browser. You can run the entire G.ho.st VC from any Internet browser without the need to install any software or “sync” files. Just enter your username and password, and continue using your VC from exactly the state you last left it in.

Find out more on their website http://g.ho.st or http://g.ho.st/m from your mobile. I believe they have just moved into the beta phase recently.  

Desktop environment. Based off a typical Windows layout.

Desktop environment. Based off a typical Windows layout.

HP’s New Line of Pro Notebooks

12 07 2009

Perhaps in an effort to appeal to the budget-conscious times, HP today announced a new line of notebooks targeted at business users. I had one of these plonked on my desk this Friday so they are available in NZ which is cool. My initial thoughts were i like the simple clean design with new style keyboard, with the best thing being it doesn’t have the stupid prongs that lock the lid when you close it! I have developed with a minor dislike to the EliteBooks and other similar new model HP notebook because of these prongs and the fact that around 1/4 of the EliteBook lids I have dealt with do not close properly if at all. Since this is about the ProBooks, here are some details about it.

Named the ProBook line, which joins HP’s other business EliteBook offerings, the new laptops incorporate a mercury-free design, come in ‘merlot’ red and ‘noir’ black, and feature LED backlit displays in a choice of 14-inch, 15.6-inch and 17.3-inch diagonal widescreen sizes.

Somewhat puzzling are the 16:9 displays on all the ProBook models. While the 16:9 aspect ratio makes sense on HDTVs for watching widescreen TV and movies, most content and webpages are designed for vertical strolling. The move from 16:10 to 16:9 is yet another one that doesn’t seem to make sense for office application users.

That aside, the ProBooks come in both Intel and AMD processor flavorings, the option of ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330 or Intel GMA X4500 HD graphics, optional Blu-ray Disc drive (to make good use of that 16:9 screen). The notebooks also incorporate an HDMI port to connect to HD displays. Wireless connectivity includes standard Wi-Fi, optional integrated Bluetooth and mobile broadband using Qualcomm Gobi technology.

Source : Tom’s Hardware US

HP probooks

Hyper-V or VMware?

12 07 2009

New Version 2.0 of 5nine P2V Planner Helps Customers Choose the Right Platform

5nine Software today announced the latest versions of its popular virtualization migration planning solution, 5nine P2V Planner version 2.0 and 5nine P2V Planner Free Edition 2.0. The updated software adds P2V VMware planning to the existing P2V Hyper-V virtualization planning capabilities and now delivers side-by-side comparative analysis of Hyper-V and VMware migration plans from the technology, TCO and ROI perspectives.

 “Successful virtualization initiatives require upfront planning, selection of the most suitable virtualization platform and ongoing project assessment to measure and maximize the return on investment,” said Konstantin Malkov, R&D Director of 5nine Software. “Today we are glad to release the new version of 5nine P2V Planner — the P2V migration planning solution that allows comparison of P2V Hyper-V and P2V VMware migration plans from technology, TCO and ROI standpoint, and helps enterprise and SMB customers to choose the right virtualization technology based on configuration of the data center, its size as well as other specific requirements.”

 “5nine P2V Planner is a powerful virtualization migration planning solution that enables datacenter managers to create and compare VMware and Hyper-V virtualization migration plans, taking into consideration several important factors, such as software licensing costs, actual memory, CPU utilization, and average consolidation ratios. Therefore it allows selecting of virtualization technology most suitable for consolidation of specific data center,” said Henry Bayard, Vice President, EasyLink.

5nine P2V Planner offers the following features:

— Automated P2V Hyper-V and P2V VMware Migration Planning — Performs sophisticated analysis of the current data center and provides multiple Hyper-V and VMware migration plans depending on particular customer requirements. Optimized placement of virtualized workloads is based on business requirements, technology (memory, storage and CPU utilization, security), and TCO and ROI.

— Side-by-Side comparison of Hyper-V and VMware Migration plans — Enables creation and side-by-side comparison of VMware and Hyper-V virtualization migration plans. It takes into consideration multiple factors including software licensing costs, memory and CPU utilization, clustering and average consolidation ratios for both virtualization technologies.

— Agentless Data Collection — Automatically discovers and collects hardware inventory, utilization data and application performance metrics in a non-intrusive manner without installing agents. It also allows importing this information from an Excel or XML file.

— Simple-to-Use — The product was designed to be used for projects of all sizes — from small virtualization pilots or SMB projects to large enterprise projects with hundreds of servers, hosts and virtual machines (VMs).

— Integrated TCO and ROI Reporting — 5nine P2V Planner creates a variety of technology assessment, workload, and TCO and ROI reports for each migration plan, for easy comparison of Hyper-V and VMware migration plans and decision making.

— Ongoing Value — Whether your P2V migration project is complete or ongoing, the Planner continues to provide value by optimizing the workloads and resource utilization in a virtualized data center.

Pricing and Availability

5nine P2V Planner Free Edition 2.0 is available immediately and is free for any Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware ESX and vSphere environments 5nine P2V Planner is also available immediately, with North American pricing starting at $59.00 USD per physical server. More information, including free trial downloads, is available at http://www.5nine.com/

Windows 7 updates available to all!.. including pirates?

24 06 2009

Yaaarr I be patched I will...

Yaaarr I be patched I will...

Pirated copies of Windows 7 will be kept just as safe as non-genuine variants of previous Windows releases, by Microsoft via security updates. Responding to questions related to how Microsoft keeps Windows users protected on an ongoing basis, Paul Cooke, Microsoft director for Windows Client Enterprise Security, emphasized that security updates were provided to all Windows users, irrespective of whether they are running genuine or pirated editions of Windows. Windows 7 will be by no means an exception to this strategy, designed not to support piracy, but to ensure a healthy Windows environment.

That all sounds pretty great for the pirates at least, but it seems Microsoft are looking at the bigger picture of ensuring a secure environment for everyone while try to maintain their credibility which unpatched pirated software has partially contributed to.

Paul Cooke goes on to say, “Keeping a machine up to date is one of the first steps in helping ensure that they remain reliable, compatible, and safe from threats when they are online. Some of the most famous incidents of malicious software infection have come after security updates were publicly available from Microsoft – Blaster, Zotob, Conficker and Sasser, just to name a few,” Cooke added. “Rest assured that we at Microsoft are committed to making sure that security updates are available to all of our users to help ensure a safe online experience for everyone.”

How to reset local user password to random one

22 06 2009

Handy little command line for creating a completely unique and secure password for a local user.

For this example I have made a user called ‘test’. In a command prompt windows type:

net user test /random
Command line

Command line

The password will be reset and it will be shown to you after you pressed “Enter” button.

The output will be similar to:

Password output

Password output