More Stuff in the Cloud with Ghost OS!

15 07 2009

I was looking through the web and stumbled across this new “cloud” based operating system called Ghost. Ghost Includes a growing list of leading free Web software apps & services 
Communications apps : Meebo multi-protocol instant messenger 
Entertainment apps: MP3 player, Internet radios & Pandora 
Office suite (for® Drive files): Zoho and ThinkFree 
External office suites (with their own storage): Google Docs 
Photo editing: Snipshot 
Search external data sources; drag-and-drop “Things” to your desktop from:  
  Yahoo! Shopping 
Games: from Miniclip and many more 
Widgets: RSS news reader, Clock, Weather, Calculator, MP3 player, and more 
Add your own: Add your own app using a URL in Tagged Things/New/Web Apps

Ghost offers every person in the world a free Virtual Computer with 15GB’s of data! (get an extra 10GB from standard 5GB when you use the promotion code “launch.”). “Ghost”, an acronym of Global hosted operating system (written with two dots because a URL must have dots!). The Virtual Computer includes almost everything you would have in a physical computer – a desktop, file storage and applications.

But unlike a physical computer, your Virtual Computer is “hosted” in a professional data center by in the Internet “cloud” and is accessible as a web page in any browser. You can run the entire VC from any Internet browser without the need to install any software or “sync” files. Just enter your username and password, and continue using your VC from exactly the state you last left it in.

Find out more on their website or from your mobile. I believe they have just moved into the beta phase recently.  

Desktop environment. Based off a typical Windows layout.

Desktop environment. Based off a typical Windows layout.